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Corfu and the Ionian University (Greek publication)

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A university laboratory in Corfu, together with a software firm in Athens have united their efforts to create the first internet application to follow the FIU's in fighting agains meney laundering across the planet.  (publication in Greek)

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The crisis as an opportunity for transformation (O Globo, 21/2/2012)

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Mr. Putin’s view on the crisis is understandable. Because there is no world government to protect states from one another, major powers are acutely sensitive to threats — especially near their borders — and they sometimes act ruthlessly to address potential dangers. International law and human rights concerns take a back seat when vital security issues are at stake.


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Corfu2021 - European Capital of Culture Candidate City
BOOK @ Springer International: YELLOW TOURISM Crime and Corruption in the Holiday Sector
"Yellow Tourism" - Crime & Corruption in Tourism"
Moral Responsibility in the WWW > Top ten "Public Book Awards"

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